Tuition per class: $250 per semester
Monthly tuition: $66/month per class

Tuition per math class: $375 per semester
Monthly tuition per math class: $99/month

Study Hall: $125 per semester
Study Hall: $33/month

Tuition is due monthly August through March or by semester in August and January


Nonrefundable Registration Fee:

  • $100 per student

  • $50 family discount when multiple children are enrolled

Nonrefundable Administration Fee:

$200 per family*

*Students enrolled in WEB high school classes will have their administration fee waived for any WEB middle school classes (including Algebra 1).

Courses carry a one-time course fee.  

Fees are due April 1 or may be split into two payments due April 1 and May 1. Students with any outstanding fees after May 1 may lose their spot in a class with a waiting list.

A late registration fee of $50 will be assessed to all registrations received after May 1.