WEB began offering classes in August 2013. Shannon Truss, the director, founded WEB after homeschooling her daughters for three years. While many tutorials exist in the greater Nashville area, WEB is the only one dedicated solely to middle schoolers and their unique needs. Amongst the needs identified and met that initial year were the needs for instruction in science and literature, along with a math enrichment program designed to build student confidence.

Science was selected as a key component of WEB’s curriculum because it is expensive, messy and difficult to teach from home. Literature is an excellent subject for middle school students to study in community because it encourages students to find their voices and begin to use them. The discussions that take place in literature classes lay a groundwork for the sense of community at WEB, both in other classes and outside of instruction time.

Unlike many area tutorials, WEB does not require a statement of faith from teachers or participants. This is a key component of WEB’s design. WEB does reserve the right to restrict admission based on class size, individual student needs and our ability to accommodate special circumstances.


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