Professora Megan Townes

Course Description:

Language acquisition occurs naturally, quickly, and more effectively through firsthand experience. We acquire language by USING it. There is a difference between learning ABOUT a language and learning to USE the language. We want students to acquire the language to facilitate communication.  Remember, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Communication is always the first objective but the benefits of language study also include development of critical thinking and analytical reasoning while also enhancing creativity and imagination.   This Spanish course is designed to introduce students to the Spanish language and its associated cultures.  The purpose of the course is to communicate in Spanish, understand other cultures, connect with other disciplines and acquire information, develop insight into one’s own language and culture, and to participate in the global community.

Course Materials:

Avancemos, Level 1

Hard copies will be available for use in class at WEB and the digital version can be found at using the username and password assigned to you.
Students will use online student edition outside the classroom (purchased by WEB and billed to each parent).

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