Homework will be posted here weekly


For September 27:

Science Fair:

Keep working on  your project! Here is a short checklist for you. Remember, experiments rarely go exactly as you plan and thing need to be adjusted frequently, so do not procrastinate! And perhaps even more importantly: Write down everything! Write down everything! Write down EVERYTHING! 

Checklist for beginning your experiment:

  1. Write down your plan or method. 
  2. Gather your supplies and write down everything you can about them.
  3. Perform the experiment and write down everything.
  4. Record data as accurately as you can in your notebook.

Math Problems for the Week:

  1. Level E: At a school supply sale, 3 pencils and 2 markers were sold in the first hour for a total of $1.30. In the second hour 2 pencils and 3 markers were sold for a total of $1.20. What is the cost of a pencil? a marker?
  2. Level M: If you increase the side of a cube by ten percent, what percent do you increase the volume?
  3. And the just for fun math videos for the week:
    1. This week, here is part three in the Doodling in Math Class series by Vi Hart. 
    2. Infinity... and elephants..and camels..and circles...and...Doodling in Math Class: Infinity Elephants.By Vi Hart. 


Tentative Schedule: 

  1. Spet. 6: Background / Hypothesis / Variables / Method
  2. Sept. 13: Background / Hypothesis / Variables / Method
  3. Sept. 20: Experiment
  4. Sept 27: Experiment
  5. Oct.4: Analysis of data
  6. Oct. 11: Fall Break - continue to work on typing up your work.
  7. Oct. 18: Typing up your pages
  8. Oct. 25: Finalizing your pages
  9. Nov. 1: Poster assembly
  10. Nov. 8: Poster assembly
  11. Nov. 15: WEB SCIENCE FAIR