Homework for Critical Reading Toward Critical Writing

9/20 Read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time to page 100. Complete the closed-book, take-home grammar and mechanics quiz. Be prepared to contribute to discussion and read aloud on Wednesday.

9/13 Write your Close Reading Literary Analysis on Poe's "The Black Cat." Instructions have been sent by email. Submit a typed hard copy in class. Read A Study in Scarlet, all. Bring the book to class and be ready to discuss it. 

9/6 Read "Reading and Writing about Literature" (PDF, distributed through email on 8/30); Read How to Not Write Bad pp. 30-33, 40-52

8/30 Active (Re-)Reading Notes from Poe's "The Black Cat" (instructions sent through email); Read How to Not Write Bad pp. 1-30

8/23 Read "Annotating While You Read" (PDF) and "New Criticism" (PDF) (Both distributed through email on 8/16--let me know if you haven't gotten it.)

8/16 Read Poe, "The Black Cat"