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Math and Science Olympiad Class will be a time set aside for students to explore math and science in a fun and creative way. The class will focus on a science fair, math challenges, and preparing for the science olympiad.

(Updated 7/5/2017)


Each week I will give out a math problem taken from previous Math Olympiad tests. These problems are challenging, brain-teaser type problems designed to foster a love for math. I hope the students will enjoy mulling them over throughout the week in an attempt to find a solution before the answers are revealed each week at the start of class.

Tests will be administered on specific dates as they are released by MOEMS (Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools). These are timed tests containing five problems similar to the ones given weekly in class. Anyone who participates receives a certificate for participation at the end of the year. Awards are given out for highest scores in the class and for international ranking. This type of challenge is an excellent way for students to become accustomed to taking timed, challenging tests with no pressure associated with grades. 

Math Olympiad Test Dates

Test 1 - November, 15

Test 2 - January 10

Test 3 - January 17

Test 4 - February 14

Test 5 - March 7


The science portion of the class will be divided into two events. The first semester will focus on preparing for the first WEB Science Fair. This Science Fair will be held the week before Thanksgiving break. Class time will be spent on teaching how to come up with an idea, hypothesis, procedure, analyze the data, and present the information in a poster session at the Science Fair. The top 6th, 7th, and 8th graders will be invited to take their posters to the MTSEF Science Fair hosted at Belmont University. 

WEB Science Fair - November 15


Once the schedule of events is announced, usually near the end of November, we will begin to focus on the Science Olympiad. Science Olympiad is a competition where fifteen students are assigned to teams to compete in different scientific events. Each week, I plan to divide the students into groups in order to work on different activities. Activities included will range from building and designing machines to studying material for the written portions of the competitions. There will be a wide range of topics and activities for the students to choose from.

Although I recommend Science Olympiad for any student who is interested in science, students do not need to be a member of the Science Olympiad team to participate and enjoy the class, and those interested in participating in the competition do not need to be enrolled in this class. Several students taking history and civics are planning on participating in the competition this year. If your child intends to be on the team, I will need a commitment at a certain point. These events are team based and it is important for the members of each team to be able to count on their teammates to be there.

Each year we learn more about this competition. This will be our third year participating and I continue to learn more about this event all the time. If it is your child's first year, their goal should be to participate at their fullest and to enjoy the experience of the event. There are many awards given at the event, and WEB students take home their fair share, but please emphasize to your child this event is challenging and it is rare and unexpected to medal your first time. 

For more information about the competition, please feel free to email me or check out Science Olympiad’s website:

2018 Events: 

Life, Personal, & Social Sciences
Anatomy & Physiology (Respiratory, Digestive, Immune)
Diseases Detectives (Food Illnesses)
Microbe Mission

Earth & Space Sciences
Dynamic Planet (Tectonics)
Meteorology (Climate)
Road Scholar
Rocks and Minerals
Solar System

Physical Science & Chemistry
Keep the Heat
Crime Busters
Potions and Poisons

Technology & Engineering
Battery Buggies
Roller Coaster
Wright Stuff

Inquiry & Nature of Science
Experimental Design
Fast Facts
Write It Do It
Mystery Architecture