Assignment Due, April 26th:

  • Complete Activity 6.5 
  • Complete any homework you haven't turned in. (activity sheets, the reaction project, the note cards, etc.) Next week is your last chance!
  • Here are a few fun reads on acids/bases. Yes, that is teacher "fun" not student "fun". Some of the chemistry in the pool article is a bit daunting, but give it a shot.

Assignment Due, April 19th:

  • Complete Activity 6.3 and Activity 6.4. You are only required to do the pages I handed out.
  • Good job on your notecards last week! You all seem to becoming pros! Do 4 more notecards this coming week. 
  • Remember to take notes on your chapter!  

Assignment Due, April 12th:

  • Activity 6.2 The Alka-Seltzer I used in class was the wring sort, so here is an experiment showing what happens when the right kind is added to water. There is a difference between hot and cold water, so take note of that. We will be considering the effects of temperature on the rates of reactions shortly. 
  • Do at least 4 Note Cards this coming week. If you want to do more, you can. I will spot check them in class. 
  • Continue taking notes on Chapter 6. I will spot check them this week also. 
  • This coming week we will be be doing Activity 6.3 and possibly Activity 6.4 Please take a moment to read these so we can get right to them. 
  • Lastly, Please investigate who Avogadro was. your morning quiz might ave something about him!


Assignment Due, April 5th:

  • Chapter 5 test. This is a closed book and closed note test. 
  • Activity 6.1 You will need to do the cut and paste part of the assignment as well as the written part. If you want to print out an extra page, use the link provided, otherwise you can draw out your own as long as you pay attention to the directions. 
  • Take notes on the first half of Chapter 6
  • Note Cards for Chapter 6. None are due this week, but you may want to pay attention to these terms when reading and taking notes over the chapter. 
    • Chemical Change
    • Physical Change
    • Reactants
    • Product
    • Law of Conservation of Mass 
    • Precipitate
    • Catalyst
    • Acid
    • Base
    • pH

Assignment Due, March 15th:

I hope you all had fun learning about nucleation points this week. Here is one of my favorite videos of Mentos and Diet Coke. 

  • Complete Activity 5.5. We didn't complete 5.6 yet, so those aren't due yet. We will hopefully complete 5,6 and 5.7 next week. 
  • Complete all the remaining Note Cards for this coming week. 

Assignment Due, March 8th:

Several of you did not have your homework completed from last week and did not have a reason for not doing it. I have allowed you to turn it in next week, but I will start placing a late penalty of -10% on these late assignments. 

  • This past week's experiment needs to evaporate over the week in order for you to complete the experiment. There are no activity sheets for this coming week. 
  • Read the next experiments so you are familiar with them before class. Last weeks experiment did not run smoothly for many of you. For this coming week, I want you to focus on following the procedure laid out in the experiment. Read the experiments before class and be prepared to follow the instructions carefully next week. Any changes to the procedure will be listed on the board at the beginning of the experiment.
  • Note Cards: I did not get a chance to look at your notecards between classes. I will have them for you next week along with several activity sheets I keep forgetting to return to you. Complete 3 note cards from chapter 4 this week and 3 from chapter 5.


Assignment Due, March 1st:

  • Complete Activity Sheet 5.3. We completed the experiment for this lab as a class this past week. 
  • Complete Activity Sheet 5.4. You have this printed out, but will need to do the experiment at home. It requires isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), mineral oil or some other oil such as cooking oil that is liquid at room temperature, and water. 
  • Read Chapter 5 and have good notes on the first half of the chapter for me to review next week.
  • Complete two note cards from the chapter 4 list and two note cards from the chapter 5 list. The lists are included in a previous assignment. 

NOTICE: Brady, Leo, Kennith, and Sark, You four are involved in Science Olympiad this week which will only give you half of the week to work on this. I will extend your due date until next week. This doesn't lighten your load, only extends your due date. Do as much as you can this week, but I appreciate the hard work it takes to do this event and I don't want to overwhelm you.  Good Luck Saturday!

Assignment Due, February 22nd:

If you want to get ahead in your work, here is your chance. These assignments are not due next week, but you can start them and make your load easier later!

  • Take notes over chapter 5 using one of the methods from the videos I gave to you earlier in the year. Work on making your notes easy for you to use later by using bullet points, boxing in important facts, or adding color. 
  • Note Cards! I failed to add Chapter 4 notecards to your work last chapter, so I will begin adding one or two a week for you to complete. I want you to have a a set you can use later in high school. 
    • Chapter 4 Vocabulary 
      • proton
      • neutron
      • electron
      • atomic number
      • atomic mass
      • covalent bonding
      • ion
      • ionic bonding
    • Chapter 5 Vocabulary
      • polar
      • surface tension
      • solute
      • solvent
      • solubility
      • exothermic
      • endothermic

Assignment Due, February 15th:

Notice: The activity sheets for 5.1 refer to an experiment you haven't seen yet. Answer what you can, but you will not turn them in this week. 

Note about your tests: After looking carefully at the results of the tests, I noticed two topics from chapter four that were missed by most everyone: Isotopes and Atomic Mass. These topics are related and I can only draw the conclusion that I did not cover these topics well enough. I have decided to cover these topics in more depth next week. I will also have a handout ready for you to take home to work on. I will give up to 5 points on the test for you completing this sheet. Additionally, I will provide a one point question as a bonus based upon the extra reading you were given before.

  • Complete Activity 5.1 
  • Go back over Chapter 5 and take notes on the first half of the chapter. There are several methods for taking notes. I don't mind how you take notes, but I want to make sure you do. I will check your notes this coming week and discuss note taking methods. 


Assignment Due, February 8th:

  • Study for your Chapter 4 test. 
    • The test IS timed
    • Your own written our typed noted ARE allowed.
    • No phones, text books or other outside sources are allowed.
  • Spend some time this week going over Chapter four and organizing your notes. The questions from the trashketball game are typical of test questions you will see so prepare well!
  • Read the first half of Chapter 5. We will begin polarity this coming week.

Assignment Due, February 1st:

  • Periodic Table Challenge this coming week! Be ready to recite the 118 elements of the periodic table. Those who do will receive a certificate. 
  • This week you sill need to print out the Activity Sheets 4.5 and Activity Sheet 4.6 and completed them.
  • Reread Chapter four in preparation for the review.
  • Sark asked about isolating an electron. Here is a report on how they first isolated the electron. 
  • Here is a video explaining Lewis Dot Structures. 

Assignment Due, January 25th:

Great job on your posters this week! I really am impressed with your work!

  • Complete Activity 4.4 to the best of your ability. You do NOT need to preform the activity, read it through and watch the following video.  You should be able to answer the questions.
  • Work on that periodic table challenge. I will begin listening to them this week and will finish them up next week. 
  • Here is a great Crash Course chemistry on bonding. It is more on a high school level, but it is entertaining! 

Assignment Due, January 18th: 

  • Complete Activity 4.3 
  • Complete your poster project on your element. Make sure to include the information listed below. I can't wait to see them! Remember, if you would like to change your element, send me an email. 
  • Remember to continue working on memorizing the periodic table. I will be ready to hear you recite them in two weeks. I will have awards for those who can recite them all! 

Assignment Due, January 11th:

Thank you all for getting your exam into me this week. If you were absent, please make sure to give me your exam first thing next Wednesday morning or email me a photo of the pages so I can get them checked and back to everyone ASAP.

  • Complete Activity 4.1. There are no written questions, but there is a sheet where you need to complete the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons for the first twenty elements. 
  • Add another 20 elements to your memorization for the week! We are up to the first 80 elements. It won't be long before we will be ready to say them all. Those who can do this will get a prize.
  • Projects! Note: You will have two weeks to do these. 
    • Due in two weeks on January 18th.
    • Create a poster on your element with the following information:
      • The element name
      • The element symbol
      • The Atomic Number
      • The Atomic Mass
      • The origin of the name.
      • If the symbol is very different from the name, explain why.
      • Where the element is found
      • What the element is used for.
      • Any other interesting facts or pictures you may want to include.
    • Assigned elements: If you would prefer one not yet assigned, send me an email.
      • Hydrogen - Rose
      • Helium - Kate
      • Lithium - Abby
      • Beryllium
      • Boron 
      • Carbon - Brady
      • Nitrogen - Aslan Joy
      • Oxygen - Ella
      • Fluorine
      • Neon - Stella
      • Sodium - Maison
      • Magnesium - Joseph
      • Aluminum - Maddie
      • Silicon - Sark
      • Phosphorous
      • Sulfur
      • Chlorine
      • Argon - Kennith
      • Potassium - Leo 
      • Calcium

Assignment Due, January 4th:

Set aside time to take your exam. You may use your own work of this exam, but no outside help. This means you may use your notes, worksheets and handouts, but not your text, other people or the internet. 

When we get back, we will still be working on chapter 4. Memorize the next 20 elements. This will be Hydrogen through Neodymium.

Have a restful and wonderful break!

Assignment Due, November 30th:

Dear Class, Thank you all so much for being so great for Ms. Jen Gentry as she filled in for me.  This last class before break, we will have  a fun review game and make ice cream! Some of you were wondering about the Chapter 3 Test. I will have that for you when we get back and you can complete it over break. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and don't forget to count your blessings!

  • Complete the Activity 4.1
  • Complete the reading for Chapter 4.

Assignment Due, November 16th:

Read pages 350-353 of Chapter 4. 

Vocabulary cards for the following words.

  • protron
  • electron
  • neutron

Assignment Due, November 9:

The assignments for this week:

  • Last week, we made density columns and they turned out fantastic!!! Great job! Complete your papers and turn them in next week. .
    • The densities of the substances are here
      • dish soap 1.26 g/cm3
      • water 1.00 g/cm3
      • corn syrup 1.36 g/cm3
      • vegetable oil 0.91 g/cm3
      • isopropyl alcohol 0.86 g/cm3
  • Review time! Take time to organize your materials and notes from class this week. The next exam will be a take home test similar to the previous one. You will have permission to use your notes and Activity Sheets, but you will not be allowed to use the computer or another person. 
  • Memorize the first 60 elements of the periodic table. 
  • FUN DAY!!! As a reward for all of your hard work, we are going to have some fun chemistry this week. We will be making ice-cream in a bag, observing dry ice, and playing a review game. 

Assignment Due, November 2:

The assignments for this week:

  • Complete Activity 3.3 The Density of Water. 
  • Complete Activity 3.4 Sink or Float Solids
  • Memorize the first 40 elements of the periodic table. There will be a written quiz on them this coming week. 

Assignment Due, October 26:

This past week we went had a good solid review. If you still have any questions about your test or any lab sheets please send me an email and I will discuss it with you. For this week:

  • Preview Activity 3.3 and Activity 3.4 We will be doing both of these labs next week if time permits. Make sure you do not skip this, when you haven't done your preliminary work, it slows us down.
  • Memorize the first 20 elements of the periodic table. It was fairly obvious that several of you had not seen the video yet, so please make sure you do all of the assignments here on the homework tab. I included the link to the song in the previous homework assignment. 
  • You have no activity sheets for this week, so take time to organize your folders, complete anything you may have left undone, and be prepared to jump right into the lab experiments Wednesday morning. 


Assignment Due, October 19:

Here is your assignment for the week. Remember, your daily quiz questions come from what you find here each week. Be sure to read through it completely!

  • Vocabulary Cards. You must do any with an * beside it, but the others are optional. 
    • density *
    • independent variable
    • dependent variable
    • control variable
  • For Activity 3.2, the identification of the Rods, Please try your best to identify the correct rod using the information we have. There will be some error (as we discovered when we measures the mass of some of the rods) so just give it your best shot. 
  • Preview Activity 3.3
  • Videos:
    • Last week, we talked about note taking. This is a skill you can use throughout your education. Finding a method you find effective and easy can make classes easier ad studying less frustrating. These videos Ms. Jen Gentry shared with her classes are an introduction to three styles of note taking. Watch all three and decide for yourself if you would like to use any of these styles. Note Taking Styles
    • We also talked about the Periodic Table Song. There will be a challenge to see who can memorize the periodic table. You don't have to use this song, but many students find it an easy way. The Periodic Table of the Elements Song

Assignment Due Week 8, October 12:

This coming week is Fall Break! I hope you all have a great time. 


  • Complete your Chapter 1 & 2 test. It is due at the beginning of next class. 
  • Complete Activity 3.1. The material list we will be using to identify the unknown materials is different than the one in your activity. For Our samples use the following: 
    • Aluminum : 2.9 
    • Brass : 8.4
    • Copper : 8.9
    • Steel : 7.7 - 8.1
    • Polyethylene : 0.97
    • Acrylic : 1.18
    • Oak : 0.7 - 0.9
    • Pine or poplar : 0.4 - 0.6
  • Here is something just for fun: Thinking Question: Thinking about density being the ratio of mass to volume, and the fact that all pure materials can be identified by their density which does not change, what can we say about the density of Thor's Hammer? And I am not the only one to wonder about this. Here is an article about it from Wired magazine. Enjoy!  

Assignment Due Week 7, September 28:

Here is your assignment for this week:

  • Work on your take home test. It is due in two weeks. Remember this test is open book, open notes, open note cards but not open friend! (Update! I forgot that we are on fall break in two weeks. I guess we will have to have these ready after fall break.)
  • Read Chapter 3 about Density.
  • Pre-read Activity 3.1
  • Videos: TED ed talk: How Taking a Bath...


Assignment Due Week 6, September 21:

Here is your assignment list for this coming week.  

This coming week we will start of with a fun experiment: OOBLECK!!! I will have this ready to go when you get to WEB with instructions at the table. You will be welcome to take this home with you, as for what your parents want you to do with it... well, that's up to them. 

Last week we completed Activity 2.4 successfully. Please complete your sheets and have them ready to turn in at the beginning of class. 

This week, is a catch up week for several of you. There are no new note cards until Chapter 3 and I will not have revisions back to you until next week. I am no longer going to try to get those to you mid-week. This should give us all more time to work on these cards. This week, you can make sure you have a card for each term if you haven't got one already. 

As for the Activity Sheets, some of you have some to turn in from earlier weeks. Please go through the previous assignments and work on anything you need to complete. I will take up this work next week. 


Crash Course for Kids: Hunting for Properties

Crash Course for kids: Normal Stuff in Not-So-Normal Places

Check out this simple but informational  game to sort matter. There are more examples of plasma on earth than I thought!

Matter Sorter




Assignment Due Week 5, September 14:

Here is you assignment list for this coming week.  


Assignment Due Week 4, September 7:

There were several students absent last week and others who need to turn in their assignments. Please take a photo of your work and email me this work as soon as possible (before Friday noon), so I may look them over before class this week. 

  • Complete Activity 2.1
  • Make corrections to Chapter One Vocabulary Cards
  • Begin Chapter 2 Vocabulary Cards. Have three done for next week:
    • kinetic energy
    • heat
    • temperature
    • change of phase
    • deposition
    • sublimation
  • Preview (No need to print these out. Just read over them before class): 

We talked about some interesting Videos that are relevant to chemistry.

Here is a video about just one way chemistry played a part in the recent Rio Olympic Games.

Inside Olympic Drug-Testing Lab- BBC News

And another interesting article to get you to thinking about chemicals. Are they really as bad as people think?

Are Chemicals Getting A Bad Rap?


Assignment Due Week 3, August 31:

  • Videos I wasn't able to access these videos and interactive illustrations last week. Please take the time to look through these before next week. They are short but are very good at illustrating the concepts we have been covering about the motion of matter in different states and at different temperatures. 
  • Complete Activity 1.2 and Activity 1.3 For 1.3, you do not need to answer questions 1 and 2 in the procedure.
  • Complete the remaining notecards for Chapter 1. I will email you with my comments about your first notecards by Friday afternoon. 
  • Read Chapter 2
  • Preview Activity 2.1


Assignment Due Week 2, August 24:

  • Complete Activity 1.1
  • Read Activity 1.3
  • Get a folder or binder for your papers.  
  • Notecards. Begin working on these cards. Try to have one card completed for this coming week to turn in.
  • Your vocabulary for Chapter 1:
    • chemistry
    • matter
    • molecule
    • atoms
    • solid
    • liquid
    • gas

Previous Assignments:

Assignment Due Week 1, August 17:

  • Read Chapter 1
  • Preview Activity 1.1 and Activity 1.2

Please contact me if there are any questions or concerns about any assignment.