Math for WEB Science Syllabus


Taught by Jennifer Castro

Because this class is driven by the students’ needs, our class schedule and syllabus will need to maintain flexibility. I plan to spend the first part of the class covering the unit topic and the last part of the class working examples on the board. There will also be the occasional video link for the class to watch during the week as well as math games to explore. 

Unit 1: How to Approach a Problem Mathematically and Scientifically

  • Decoding the problem and drawing a diagram

  • Units and why they are important

  • Unit conversions

  • Significant Figures

Unit 2: Working with Common Scientific Formulas

  • Common symbols to know

  • Manipulating formulas with algebra

Unit 3: Graphs

  • Pie Charts, Venn Diagrams, Bar Graphs

  • Plotting and Interpreting x-y graphs and x-y-z graphs

  • Common curves: lines, parabolas, ellipses, asymptotes,

Unit 4: Geometry

  • Perimeter, Area, Volume

  • Triangles

  • Circles