Elective Course Descriptions


Art History & Art - Grades 5-8
Jessie Goodwin & Shannon Truss, Instructors
In alternating three week cycles, students will learn the history of art and have the opportunity to learn and experiment with art techniques. Homework will include researching artists and art periods covered in class as well as finishing pieces begun during class time.

Creative Writing - Grades 5-8
Amy Scruggs, Instructor
This course is designed to give students the opportunity to think and write creatively, specifically by exploring different genres. The goal is to encourage your student to love writing and to assist in the process of becoming a writer. Students will be encouraged to foster the necessary habits of any good writer: discipline, observation, and a good ear for dialogue. The course format will include Weekly in-class Free Write, A Study of Mechanics, A Study of Genre and Writer’s Workshop.

Geography - Grades 5-8
Alyssa Hayes, Instructor
This geography course will teach students how to draw, from memory, detailed maps of the world using the curriculum Mapping the World by Heart by David Smith.  Students will begin by learning about different types of maps, map symbols, and latitude and longitude. Then, students will label maps of various parts of the world including countries, major cities, bodies of water, and mountain ranges.  They will work together to develop quiz questions and memory devices to aid in their work toward a final goal of drawing a map from memory.  During their study of the physical features of the world, students will relate geography and culture through examining current events and completing projects about various parts of the world.   Students will also use Wynn Kapit’s The Geography Coloring Book, mainly as homework, to reinforce the maps drawn in class.  My desire for you, and myself, is to get to know our world, both physically and culturally, so that we can become better global citizens.

Required texts:
A copy fee will be charged for the materials in Mapping the World by Heart
Students will purchase The Geography Coloring Book.

Math & Science Olympiad - Grades 5-8
Jennifer Castro, Instructor
Math and Science Olympiad class will be a time set aside for students to explore math and science in a fun and creative way. The class time will be divided into a math portion and a science portion. 

Math: Each week students will receive a math problem taken from previous Math Olympiad tests. These problems are challenging, brain-teaser type problems designed to foster a love for math. Math Olympiad tests are administered five times throughout the year. These are timed tests containing five problems similar to the ones given weekly in class. This type of challenge is an excellent way for students to become accustomed to taking timed, challenging tests with no pressure associated with grades. 

Science: The science portion of the class is based on the events at Science Olympiad, a competition where fifteen students are assigned to teams to compete in different scientific events. Each week, the students work on different activities ranging from building and designing machines to studying material for the written portions of the competitions. Students enrolled in Science Olympiad will participate in the Science Olympiad regional tournament held at MTSU on a Saturday in the spring. For more information about the competition, please feel free to check out Science Olympiad.