Lauren Beihoffer

Course description

During the first semester, students will begin their very own journey of scientific discovery. Lessons and hands-on activities will be focused on the scientific method, the language of science and what scientific discovery in the real world looks like. Students will learn how to conduct experiments and discern credible scientific data from pseudoscience. Semester 1 will culminate with the WEB Science Fair, where each student will have prepared a science fair project utilizing all of the skills learned over the past 15 weeks. Class time will be devoted to the preparation and finalization of this project.

Semester 2 will take us deeper into the world of science as we learn about the different fields of applied science. Students will have the unique opportunity to learn more about careers in science through guest lectures and more. 

Required Materials

Students will need a bound, composition notebook for taking notes and for recording experiments. Students will also be required to obtain the materials necessary for completing a science fair project in December. 

Detailed Syllabus

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