Jessi Goodwin
615-498-5814 (by appointment only)

Alyssa Hayes
615-830-2625 (by appointment only)

Meeting Time

Thursdays, 9:30-11:00

Course Description

This course will combine the subjects of geography and world art in a creative way. The art portion of the class will be led by Jessi Goodwin, and the geography will be led by Alyssa Hayes. The subjects will alternate weeks. Students will label detailed maps of the continents using the curriculum apping the World by Hear by David Smith. The maps will include countries, major cities, bodies of water, and mountain ranges. They will study their own maps to prepare for a quiz on each continent. Students will also connect with humanity’s creative history through regionally inspired art projects. Each art lesson will include insight into the traditional materials, techniques and influences of creative people from around the world.

Course Requirements

  • Maps will be labeled in class using a class set of atlases. Students will need to finish maps at home using their own atlas or online resources.
  • Students will use their labeled maps to complete the quizzes.
  • Students will research various world landmark n clas o create their own Wonders of the World book. Books will be on display at the end-of-year picnic.
  • Art projects completed in class and at home will be collected and saved in a presentation binder that will be displayed at the end-of-year picnic.
  • During the spring semester, students will choose one country to research for the World Experts project. Projects will be completed outside of class and presented during class. Deadlines will be given throughout the semester to help students manage notetaking, outlining, and creating visuals for their projects. Visuals will be on display at the end-of-year picnic. 

Detailed Syllabus

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