Rowena Aldridge

Students should use Google Classroom for all communication. 
Parents may contact me at

Course Description
The WEB Knitting and Sewing course is designed to give you a great foundation in yarn and textile arts for practical repairs, gifts, and relaxation.  Through a variety of practice pieces and projects, you will learn construction and embellishment techniques in both yarn and fabric.  You will share your new skills through service projects and a year-end collaborative WEB Tutorial exhibit!

Required Materials
All materials needed for classroom use will be provided.  You will be responsible for providing any materials you require should you wish to create additional projects outside of class.

All supporting materials (patterns, videos, etc.) are posted in the Knitting and Sewing Google Classroom.  You will receive a link and code by email that will allow you to sign in.  You will need a Gmail address to be added to the Google Classroom.  Please assure that your email address has your name attached so that I will know who you are!  Some students choose to create a special email address just for use with Google Classroom;  I strongly recommend that if you are able.

There is no homework for this course, and no exams.  You are expected to participate and collaborate on group projects so that they are finished on time and to the expected level of skills.  In order to accomplish this, you will receive a rubric that will help you assess your ongoing skill level and identify areas where you need support.